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Solar panel recycling is an economical business

Solar panels consist of a translucent special glass sheet, an underlying translucent plastic film (EVA), silicon cells only 0.2 mm thick, and extremely thin metal busbars. Behind the battery is another plastic film with a special protective film or glass on the back. Everything is firmly connected to each other, usually using an aluminum frame with seals.

Solar panel recycling equipment

Hazardous materials present in end-of-life panels can cause serious pollution and environmental problems if released into the environment. In order to close the energy cycle, the next task for the solar panel industry is the safe disposal or recycling of end-of-life products. However, at the waste management level, reuse or value-added recycling is considered preferable to destruction. The main contributor to the total weight of a typical crystalline silicon PV module is glass (75%), followed by polymers (10%), aluminum (8%), silicon (5%), copper (1%) and small amounts of silver, tin, Lead and other metals and components. Lead and tin can cause health and environmental problems if they seep into soil and groundwater, while copper, silver and silicon have valuable opportunities if recycled efficiently. Therefore, the landfill option should be completely replaced by recycling to prevent environmental pollution and recycle the valuable materials present in the panels.

SUNYGROUP has extensive experience in the recycling industry. We have developed a brand-new solar panel recycling equipment, which uses physical recycling methods to recover aluminum, glass, silicon and other various materials from waste solar panels. At present, our customers have obtained our equipment, and after testing, the customers are very satisfied with our equipment. At present, solar panel recycling has a very good market prospect. You are welcome to visit the factory for details.

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